Meet Andressa Urach — Brazilian World Cup Reporter

What happens when the World Cup hands out credentials to Brazilian chicks with giant fake boobs? Trouble. Meet Andressa Urach. She was the chick who was body painted for Cristiano Ronaldo’s World Cup arrival. Now she’s making news for getting kicked out of a Portugal practice where she caused a scene.
According to Yahoo:

Urach, however, was removed from the premises after gaining access with a press credential on behalf of a Brazilian television station that she is working with. reports that security at Portugal’s camp had been enhanced since last week when a boy ran on the field to get Ronaldo’s autograph.

“I came to say good luck to (Ronaldo) and got kicked out!” Urach wrote on her social media accounts. “Whatever happened to freedom of expression?”

I kinda feel for her. Here she is working her ass off as a member of the media and she gets kicked out of a practice where media was allowed in. I’m not really sure what she’s reporting on and it doesn’t matter. Someone gave her a credential. You can’t just go around kicking chicks with giant cans out of a practice because you think something is going to happen.
This is no way to treat a Miss Butt Brazil runner-up.

No. No. No. No. NO. NO! NOOOOO!
No. No. No. No. NO. NO! NOOOOO!
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