Ireland Rocked By World Cup F-Bombs From Broadcasting Legend Eamon Dunphy


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Ireland is being rocked today by this f-bomb that came out of the mouth of Irish broadcasting legend Eamon Dunphy. I just thought this is how Irish people talked and didn’t make a big deal out of it. Not the Irish media. There has even been a full dissection by the Irish Times.

Translation for those of you who don’t understand Irish:

Back from the break .


Eamon to Kenny and Didi: “The pitch was a ****ing bog.”


Billo: [Pale-faced].


Eamon: “When Neymar was shaping up to take that penalty I thought he was ****ing dreading it.”


Bill: “Oooooh.”


Eamon: “Sorry.”


Bill: “We’re on air.”


Eamon: “We’re not, are we?”


Bill: “We are.”


Eamon: “Oh.”


Didi and Kenny’s faces: [WTF]


Eamon: “I apologise for that.”


Bill: “Obviously that was an inexactitude.”


Eamon: [Looking over his shoulder to check with studio people that his remarks were indeed broadcast live to the nation].


This dude even got on national TV to apologize for the f-bomb. I’m sorry, but what the hell happened to Ireland? You guys are becoming more American by the day.



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