Team BC Randomly Doing Shots With Boxer Who Just Fought For World Title




So I was sitting here tonight at a little after 10 just enjoying a nice evening of doing nothing when I got a call from Team BC in New York City.

“I have someone I want you to talk to,” my cohort said.

Then some dude with a British accent gets on the phone and proceeds to rattle off at least 6-7 sentences that I totally didn’t understand. Long story short, Team BC is holed up at the New Yorker hotel bar doing shots with British boxing superstar Brian Rose, who just challenged light-middleweight champion Demetrius Andrade for his belt at the Barclays Centre on Saturday night.

Rose lost, but he told me tonight that “I’ve been boxing since I was nine years old and nobody has ever done that to me.”

You know what eases the pain of getting worked over by the light-middleweight champion? Doing shots with Team BC. As he was hanging up, I could hear a round of shots being ordered up. Rose, 29, told me he’s fought all over the world but never in New York. The guy is getting the full experience.

Are you a rookie New York hotel traveler? Looking for a fun place where crazy people from around the world hangout while in town? Stop in at the New Yorker hotel, grab a seat at the bar (the bartenders are fantastic) and let the madness begin.

Trust me.

Doing shots with Team BC is much better than taking shots from Andrade:

Picture 2

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