Is Kate Upton Killing Justin Verlander’s Baseball Career?


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That says it all. Numbers never lie. Kate Upton is killing Justin Verlander’s baseball career. I tried to warn Tigers fans a couple weeks ago when Pageviews ended up on her ex-boyfriend’s lap in a New York club that it wasn’t a good sign. Verlander was a mess before the lap incident and he’s still a mess.

If we dig a little deeper, because Upton has been back with JV since Spring Training, the season numbers are even uglier.

ERA: 4.98 (9th worst in baseball amongst starters)

Record: 6-7

Hits: 111 (MLB worst)

Earned Runs: 54 (MLB worst)

All of that for $20,000,000…and I’m putting 90% of the blame squarely on the shoulders of Kate Upton. The Tigers had a 4.5 game lead on June 2 and JV’s ERA as at 3.99. He’s been a disaster since and that’s including spending all last week in Chicago entertaining Pageviews for her 22nd birthday. Verlander went as far as letting Phil Coke third wheel at a Chciago bar. It’s all spiraling out of control.

Kate continued her birthday celebration at the Underground in Chicago, an eyewitness tells E! News. Upton arrived at the after-hour club at around 2 a.m. Thursday morning with her boyfriend and one of his Detroit Tigers teammates Phil Coke.

According to the insider, Upton was looking very stylish wearing a red dress and was very friendly with staff and guests.

The guy has been trying to entertain her ass on the road for 2.5 months. There was the whole Boston trip where JV was busy taking Pageviews to Habs-Bruins Game 7 and getting romantic behind the Green Monster. This is one of the worst scenarios for the Tigers. Cy Young, 31, thinks he’s on an episode of the Bachelor and is parading Boobs McGee around the country, courting a chick who is six months older than Party Boy Johnny Manziel.

You know when Verlander was good? April. He was 4-1. You know what Upton was doing? She was out of town promoting that dumb movie she was in with Cameron Diaz.

Verlander’s pouring in too much effort and it’s killing his baseball career. You have all the money. You have the Lambos. You have Pageviews sitting in a dude’s lap. You have the Royals a half-game out. It’s all caving in on JV.



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