Johnny Manziel: “There’s Too Much Money In My F–kin’ Hand”




What did we learn this weekend? John Manziel is going to John Manziel because he’s 21, rich, powerful and the starting quarterback of the Cleveland Browns. The Browns aren’t going to stop John from holding stacks of cash (in a possibly drunken state) and say on camera that “There’s too much money in my fuckin’ hand.”

Browns can’t stop that.

I pretty much took all of Father’s Day off because it was a nice, sunny day. I figured I’d leave John alone because Browns fans say I’ve been picking on the guy lately. I actually had a guy tell me that John leaves Cleveland on the weekend to maintain residency in Texas for tax purposes. That’s why I have to take a day off. It’s people like this moron that make me tired.

Anyway, John was in Houston for Drake’s big Houston Appreciation Weekend. I lost track after Saturday morning. At some point this video was made.

The guy obviously hates the attention and has a legit reason to wonder why people care about his life.

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