Ines Sainz Being Ines Sainz At The World Cup

It wouldn’t be a World Cup if Inez Sainz wasn’t blasting Pele in the face with her 35-year-old body. Of course you know of Inez from her Super Bowl Media Day heroics over the years. She goes between North and South America just covering whatever is hot at the moment. Her goals are simple: Look hot, wear dresses that you’d never see on ESPN and drive athletes crazy with questions they don’t even hear.
She’s in Brazil working for Azteca Deportes. There isn’t a sporting event in the world that won’t give her a media credential. Think of her as an Erin Andrews who realized she was important to the sports world because she’s hot and makes a sporting event much more interesting. The great part about Azteca is that they don’t even hide the fact that they’re sending in a hot chick to a sporting event to gain viewers. They send her ass in, tell her to wear something fun and then they tweet photos like crazy.
Sports is entertainment. We don’t need all of our sideline reporters to have degrees from Northwestern.

Is That Kobe's Brazilian Security Detail?
Is That Kobe's Brazilian Security Detail?
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