2014 FIFA World Cup: Sexiest WAGs of Group B


Netherlands - Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau - Wesley Sneijder

Thank you Spain. Thank you for dominating a sport that has owned the global sports market since the beginning of time. Thank you for becoming so popular that the mere thought of your team gives women the big O.

In fact, some women love Spain’s National team so much, they date them. This is true. Of the 24 members of the team, 17 of them are dating or are married to a WAG. That is unheard of numbers in the WAG world.

That just isn’t fair. Maybe it is time the guys over in Spain start to spread the wealth and stop hogging all the action, am I right?

Don’t forget about Australia, Chile, and the Netherlands too. They brought some talent to the table and you are about to witness. Enjoy.