Johnny Manziel Leaves Cleveland For The Weekend — Again


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Johnny Manziel is now 0 for 4 on weekends spent in Cleveland since being drafted by the Browns. John left Cleveland via Hopkins International earlier today for an undisclosed location. My guess: Texas.

For those keeping track at home.

Weekend 1 – Vegas

Weekend 2 – L.A.

Weekend 3 – Austin/San Antonio

Weekend 4 – ?

Browns coach Mike Pettine has said over and over he doesn’t have a problem with John doing his thing on the weekends. It’s his life to enjoy.

“We’re not going to be in the business of micromanaging our players outside of the building,” Pettine told NFL Media’s Adam Schein on his Mad Dog Sports Radio show Tuesday. “It’s something that he (Manziel) understands. But what he’s gonna do is, he’s not gonna cause it, he’s not gonna allow it to kind of force him to live his life differently.”

And so IT IS ON. The guy got out of town first thing this morning. Doesn’t John want to explore Ohio a little bit? Doesn’t he want to rip up the Cleveland bar scene and hang with all those people wearing his jerseys? Doesn’t he want to get to know the city he’ll call home for the next three years?

It doesn’t look like it.

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