Verlander Takes Pageviews To 4-Star Chicago Steakhouse For Birthday




It just happened that Justin Verlander had Tuesday night off due to a rain out in Chicago so he had time to do something romantic for Kate Pageviews’ 22nd birthday. So he took her to four-star Chicago Cut Steakhouse. You might remember how the two were porking out Monday at Tavern on Rush where some Tigers fan interrupted their fresh air lunch.

I’m telling you right now that Verlander better have bought her a Lambo. She just gave up partying her ass off in NYC with fellow models and famous people for some Chicago steakhouse. Let’s be honest, going to dinner with JV seems like a boring night. Think back to when you were 22. You didn’t give a shit about some steakhouse. That’s something you worry about on your 31st when everyone is married and can’t party their asses off on a Tuesday night.

JV (1-2, 6.30 ERA over last 3) gets the ball tonight against John Danks.


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