Paulina Gretzky Is Back, Blue Jays Perv & Sharapova’s Stems


morning twitpics


And we’re one game away from the hockey season being over. It was a good run, New York. It just happens that you’re playing against an insane Kings team that is just that much better than everyone else. Let’s see how Game 3 played on on the @NBCSN account. Remember, NBC is all about the NHL. It’s very, very important to the brand. The @NBCSN account posted exactly three original tweets about Game 3. Those three tweets received 117 RTs.

That’s it. The game was on NBCSN.

@espn tweeted four times about Game 3. One tweet has 1,400 RTs. Hate ESPN all you want over hockey coverage, but don’t forget to aim some of that anger at the company who paid to broadcast NHL games.


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