Royals Tribute To Jeter, Spurs Nose Picker & Belichick At Belmont


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So we learned that when the Spurs don’t try to sabotage King, he lights their asses up. 35 points and 10 rebounds…ho-hum. And how about the disciplined Spurs going 12 of 20 from the free throw line. There’s your game.

I barely watched because Miss USA was on. The internet was all over Miss Nevada’s bandwagon while I was fully supporting Miss North Dakota. When is the last time North Dakota won anything on a national level? God forbid we allow a chick from Fargo be Miss USA. God forbid we mix it up a little bit.

From @Buster_ESPN

In the ninth innings of games: the Tigers have pitched 50 2/3 innings, and allowed 46 runs.

Joba Chamberlain gave up a 3-run jack to Papi last night to blow a save. It’s good to see the Tigers have straightened out the bullpen.

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