Classy Spurs Fans Don’t Bother LeBron At Movie Theater





You have to give Spurs fans credit for being classy Saturday night at a movie theater where LeBron showed up to see a movie. This could’ve gotten ugly, not with violence, but just with gawkers wanting to touch the King. From everything we can gather from the boots on the ground, LeBron seemed to do as he pleased without incident.

That was a classy gesture from the residents of San Antonio. The Michael Jordan of our era should be able to leave his hotel room and just go about his life.

Via the AP:

LeBron James knew he had to do more than just get his body right between Games 1 and 2 of the NBA Finals.

His mind needed a little work as well.

So that’s why, without anyone else with him — no security, no friends, nobody, and that almost never happens — James quietly showed up at a theater a couple miles from where the Miami Heat were staying for a 5:40 p.m. showing Saturday of “Maleficent.” And it’s also why he and his regular massage therapist joined two strangers for a yoga class at 8 a.m. Sunday, where he focused on his breathing.

“I needed to get everything right,” James said.

There is hope for humanity.

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