Tony Romo’s ‘Love Sac’ Sells For $100 At Garage Sale




The big news from Saturday’s Dallas Cowboys garage sale had to be that someone paid $100 for Tony Romo’s “Love Sac,” according to Cowboys blogger @JordanRoss08. Mrs. Candice Romo recently came up with the idea to sell some of Tony’s junk to raise money for the Nexus Recovery Center, a Dallas rehab center. She told the Dallas Morning News that she decided to clean out the house and it made sense to let fans snap up some of Tony’s memories.

As for the Love Sac(k), there are plenty of memories.

What is the big thing (in the garage sale)?

Candice Romo: Well, the big thing – whoever gets this is the prize winner – is our old love sack. It’s a huge, ginormous basically bean bag that was kind of his couch for years before we were even married. It kind of like molded to his body just perfectly. When I got married and I moved in, I was like ‘that’s gotta go.’ So, we are finally getting rid of the love sack. Whoever gets that probably really needs to wash it really good. Or just get a whole new cover. Who knows what’s living in there.

Woah, woah, woah. Wait just a minute.

And how did that bean bag chair get the “Love Sac(k)” name? And why would someone need to give it a good wash? What the hell is going on here? Whole new cover? Are you telling me if someone puts a black light on that sack, there’s going to be evidence? Romo evidence?

This might just be the biggest story of the year.

And someone snagged that piece of NFL history for just $100? That thing is going to fetch five-figures on eBay.

[Love Sac photo via @JordanRoss08]


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