Ohio H.S. Team Wins State Playoff Game On Walk-Off Steal…Of Home


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Welcome to the Ohio high school state baseball tournament where you’d expect something wacky to happen because it’s Ohio and that’s how Ohio rolls. Here we have tiny Tinora High School playing Crestview for a spot in the D-IV state championship. Bottom of 7th. Two outs. Runner on third.

The obvious play is to send the runner, right? In Ohio it is.

According to the Lima News:

“Coach (Brent Renollet) asked if I could steal home, and I said, ‘Yea, I’ll go home,” Dickerson said. “We had to win this game.”

“I was running down to home, then I saw the catcher with the ball, and I thought he was going to get me,” Dickerson said. “He had it in his hands, then he bobbled it. Then, I said, ‘Thanks’ (when he dropped it).”

Coach Brent Renollet added, “I asked him if he could make it and he said, ‘Yea, I can.’ He left a little early, but it worked out. … Luckily, he dropped the ball, and it was good for us.”

Game over. 4-3 win. State championship game on Saturday morning against Newark Catholic.

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