Ladies Of The MLB Draft




You guys go nuts for NFL Draft girlfriends, moms and sisters so it only makes sense that we start a new BC tradition now that the MLB Draft is starting to get more mainstream. The players are starting to become more recognizable thanks to more TV coverage. The girlfriends are just as hot as the NFL girlfriends. The boyfriends, sons and brothers are just about to become just as rich.We even went out and found the Dee Dee Bonner of college baseball (see below).

Remember who started this coverage 6-7 years from now when all the other sports blogs are doing these posts.

Brady Aiken:

He’s the first high school pitcher taken No. 1 since 1991. Astros fans should be equally excited about the possibility of meeting his older sister, Halle, at the ballpark next season. She plays volleyball at San Diego State. Halle is 6′ 1″ with the stems to prove it.

Drafted: #1, Astros

Michael Conforto:

His mom Tracie is a three time Olympic medalist for solo synchronized swimming (Solo? doesn’t that defeat the purpose?). She’s stayed in shape since her gold medal in the ’84 Summer Olympics. This is for the same freaks who demanded pics of Taylor Lewan’s mom during the NFL Draft.

Drafted: #10, Mets

Trea Turner:

He’s dating Wolfpack Gymnast Kristen Harabedian… Kristen is apparently really good at sit-ups. (IG: kristrn).

Drafted: #13, Padres

Tyler Beede:

While we’re not sure what his relationship is with model April Love Geary (IG: aprilovee), these Instagram grabs from Beede’s account show the two are close enough to video-chat from bed. No information on whether April agreed to “made it nasty.”

Drafted: #14, Giants

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