College Football Girlfriends: Meet Taylor Alderson



Meet Taylor Alderson. Get to know the name. She is the girlfriend of Kansas stud junior linebacker Ben Heeney, an All-Big 12 second team selection this past season.

I asked a couple months ago what would a post-Katherine Webb/Lindsey Duke/Hot Chick Johnny Manziel Was Dating college football world would look like. Would there be ladies who stepped up to the plate for the Internet?

Then some bro named Tanner emailed me late last night:

Who is @tayloralderson on Instagram? I’ve been creeping on her pages and she is dating an nfl prospect? One of my friends says she was on your site but I can’t find it? Help. Sincerely, my boner.

I think he meant Taylor Anderson, the girlfriend of Stauskas, but thanks for the tip, bro. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Tanner. This Heeney dude is getting better, and Kansas says he’s a possible breakout stud of 2014, but it’s only June and it’s KU. I don’t think we need to call him an NFL prospect yet.

Still, Alderson (@taayloralderson)immediately goes to the top of our radar for the season. From what we see, she will have a big year on the Internet. She’s fun, parties, is blonde, likes sports and hits the beach. I smell superstar status.

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