Vince Young Spotted With Vince Young Lanyard Hanging Out Of His Pocket




Vince Young turned 31 on May 18. The guy is headed towards his golden years when college has long passed him by, yet he’s still trying to hold on to his college days when it was cool to walk around with a lanyard hanging out of your pocket…WITH HIS NAME ON THE LANYARD!

@liz10wiz spotted Vince this week out and about on W. 6th St. in Austin rocking his lanyard, wristbands and a double-chin that tells me his NFL career is finally over after being cut by the Browns during the mini-camp.

But Vince holds on to the memories. He’s still college. He’s still a lanyard guy. He’s still VY from UT living like it’s 2005.

It would be easy to feel sorry for Vince and all that he’s gone through. The $5k dinner bills at Cheesecake Factory. Buying out the seats on planes. But this is why I get up in the morning. Sports are entertainment and Vince Young is still entertainment. I love when an athlete has a lanyard with his name on it flopped out of his pocket like a college sophomore.

Keep doing you, VY. Never stop stealing blondes from bros.

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