L.A. Country Club Responds To Kate Upton’s Allegation About Female Tee Times




Here we gooooooo — Kate Upton vs. the Los Angeles Country Club just got interesting. Upton went on a mini Twitter rant last night on the country club and its tee time rules. She tweeted: “I just heard that Los Angeles Country Club doesn’t allow women to golf until noon.That is the most insulting news I’ve heard! It’s 2014(.)” Of course that caused golf sites to lose their minds.

Golf Digest blogged that “Kate Upton Rips Los Angeles Country Club.” Others have piled on this morning. How dare a country club not let women tee off before noon?

The problem: It’s not true.

LACC General Manager Kirk Reese told the Golf Channel that, “(Women not being allowed to play before noon) is absolutely not true,” and the club “has had female members since 1898.”


The lesson here is to never trust a D or bigger cup bikini model with golf rules and regulations. There’s a good chance she’s confused or someone is playing a trick on her.


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