Where Does David Robinson Even Buy Those Cargos?




It’s not news that the Spurs have employed two of the whitest 7-footers in NBA history. You already knew that David Robinson was the furthest thing from hood the NBA has ever seen at the center position. Bill Wennington, a Canadian, was more hood than the Admiral. Still, it shocks me to this day to see Robinson wearing cargos that a 5-7 dude would wear as pants.

Here we have David over the weekend at some basketball tournament acting all casual and white. Tucked in polo with the sunglasses tucked into the shirt? 48-year-old white guy move.

Don’t even get me started on Tim Duncan. This guy has the balls to wear below-the-knee jorts in public. See below. Who does that? Even white rednecks from Indianapolis don’t rock the jorts like that these days.

[via @CristianM210]




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