Guy That Chad Greenway Saved: “I’m A Chicago Bears Fan…I’m Just Keep It Real”


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So Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway saves some dude and his chick from a terrible situation where they’re stuck in chilly Lake Minnetonka water and the dude says, “I’m a Chicago Bears fan..I’m just keep it real.”

Watch the video and wait for the 1:58 mark or so.

I absolutely love LaVar Arrington for keeping it real. Too many times I see a professional athlete do something nice fore people and all of a sudden the person is a fan of that team. Not Arrington, he’s keeping it real up in this choppy lake.

Sure, he’s thankful Greenway was home to save his ass, but not thankful enough to switch sides over some pesky boating incident. That’s called dedication to your team. I’ve always been a huge fan of Bears fan. These people constantly give me post material whether it’s a bank robbery or some sort of fan fight. They’re always interesting.

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