Instagram Bikini Model of the Day: Renee Somerfield

Never heard of Renee Somerfield? Same here, but she’s yet another Australian that’s dominating the Instagram scene via a bikini photo onslaught that has turned into an account with 627,000 followers.
According to her official bio:

This Australian beauty, born and raised in Sydney’s Southern beaches, has been a part of the modeling industry since her early teens. With her thick, blonde hair, piercing green eyes, sun-kissed skin and all-round good looks – it serves as no surprise. Only now in her early twenties, this completely natural – hard to believe, I know – girl is well on her way to international stardom. Well known for her girl-next-door nature and bubbly personality, Renee has often been cited as a ‘pleasure to work with,’ and thus holds multiple achievements under her belt.

She’s a few bikini photos away from an American athlete taking her to the ESPYs in July. That might just put her on the map in the U.S. Maybe Aaron Rodgers unless he’s still with Olivia Munn.
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