Ho-Hum…Just Michigan Fan Sticking A Gun In Some Lady's Face During Robbery

BC reader @Brandon_Folsom sent this over for Ohio State fans to see. What we have here is some asshole Michigan fan sticking a gun in some poor lady’s face at a cash advance store in Muskegon Township, Michigan. You guys know I’m an Ohio State fan, but I have a responsibility to BC readers to post about both schools robbing banks, stealing shit from Target, ripping off all sorts of things. It just happens to be Michigan’s turn.
According to WZZM 13:

It happened around 5:30 p.m. Thursday at the Advance America store on Holton Road. A man wearing a ski mask and dark blue U-of-M hooded sweatshirt pulled a gun on clerks and demanded money. Officers followed the man’s track to nearby Reeths Puffer Intermediate and High schools. A choir concert was being held at the school. Administrators locked down the buildings until police gave the all clear.

What year is that hoodie from? 1993?

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