F-Johnny Football, Bandwagon Pacers Fan & Don Cherry's Zebra Jacket

Congrats to the Indian kids for being co-champions at the spelling bee. You saw the faces. Those boys weren’t happy to be splitting the title. Imagine you work your ass off for years and years to learn every word in the dictionary and then you have to split the title with some other kid because there is a word limit in the title round. Bullshit.
You know how you settle such a tie? You make them spell the word without getting a definition, or using the world in a sentence or giving them the origin. Just spell words straight up. Then we won’t have ties. Someone will crack under the pressure. Once again, society has coddled kids to the point where everyone is a winner. Bullshit. We’re not all winners.
From @RJinVegas

Nevada sportsbooks last month won the most money EVER from basketball bettors for the month of April.

Keeping the lights on. Pacers-Heat tonight, in case you’re at the bar and need something to watch.

NSFW Black Dudes Analyze 2014 National Spelling Bee Finals
NSFW Black Dudes Analyze 2014 National Spelling Bee Finals
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