I Watched This Arizona Sorority Recruitment Video & Started To Miss College


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What’s that smell? Oh, just an Arizona vs. Arizona State sorority recruitment video war brewing. 

I had an Arizona grad send this to me today. He didn’t want to be identified because his employer wouldn’t be cool with him jerking around while at work sending me Arizona sorority recruitment videos hot off the computer of some whiz producer.

Our source wrote:

I have several friends that were in that G-Phi’s at UA. One sent me that. UA should use that as their recruiting video instead of Rich Rod. I can’t wait to see what other houses do in response. I hope the ASU houses see it and step up their game. The bar has been set.

This reminds me of how the NFL cheerleader lip-synching craze started. The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders released a “Call Me Maybe” bikini video and it instantly started a cheerleader bikini war. Now it’s customary for cheerleading units to release a song video along with their bikini calendar.

That’s what’s about to happen to the Arizona sorority scene. A video boom. A sorority video gold rush.

Let me just say this to BC readers who are in college right now: Never leave. Go to grad school. Teach. Get a job cutting the grass. Become a campus cop. Start a sorority landscaping business. Do whatever you have to do to never leave. Take it from those of us who’ve left and can never go back.






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