Cleveland Rallies Behind Johnny, Pervert 69 Jersey & Jameis Stylin’

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And Miami didn’t close out Indiana. Imagine how Greg Oden is feeling this morning. Miserable. The Finals start a week from today so GO would’ve had a week to rest up for his first Finals appearance. Now he’ll have to struggle through Friday’s clincher. Feel bad for the guy.

I had guys trying to say that LeBron isn’t clutch because last night he didn’t take the final shot. They claim that Jordan would’ve taken the shot and was much more clutch than LeBron will ever be. So let’s take a look at the stats. LeBron is 7/16 in last second shots; Jordan was 9/18. Here are the sources.

From @ESPNStatsInfo

Michael Jordan scored at least 15 points in every playoff game in which he played. LeBron James was held to 7 points in Game 5 tonight

Jordan was a shot hog.