I Just Cried Watching The ACC Tournament Bat Dog In Action

Picture 1

I guess this video was posted by sites over the weekend, but I was actually doing things like lounging in a pool and cooking chunks of meat on a grill so I didn’t see it.

It never fails that these videos get me every single time I watch them. You put a baseball bat dog video in front of me and I’m a complete mess. I always cry. There’s just something magical about a dog doing something it enjoys so much. You can just see the happiness on the dog’s face. He/she just wants to wrap its jaws around that aluminum bat and get a treat.

This is Miss LouLou Gehrig in action. Her normal job is bat dog for the Single-A Greensboro Grasshoppers.

Just look at how happy she is to work extra days out of the year. She doesn’t even complain about working Memorial Day Weekend. Doesn’t complain about not being about to go to the beach and jersey chase Golden Retrievers. Just goes about her business snagging bats.

All you cat lovers out there need to reexamine your pet choices. Let’s see your cat do this.