Johnny Manziel Stayed Hydrated In Vegas




For those of you who were around Saturday night for the Johnny Manziel Vegas Watch, you saw how our hero handled himself at a Wynn pool. He took photos with the ladies. He took photos with bros. He took photos with famous DJs. He fist pumped. He did what you’d expect out of a 21-year-old quarterback just drafted into the NFL. He partied his ass off.

And the fun rolled into Saturday night when he went to the UFC fights. And the fun rolled on later into the night as John Football enjoyed himself at a Major Lazer set (who?) and seemed to stay hydrated through it all.

Those of us who’ve went to hard in Vegas know that the key to partying your ass off in Vegas is to stay hydrated. Have to keep the fluids in the body. As you can see, John Cleveland stayed hydrated like a pro. The guy is mature beyond his years when it comes to Vegas. Most 21 year olds just go nuts drinking as much booze as possible without thinking about the desert ripping the fluids from their bodies.

Overall, it seems like Manziel handled himself like a pro in Vegas. He did his partying. He did his share of poon chasing. All in all, Cleveland should feel pretty good that the guy got away for a weekend and relaxed.

Brian Hoyer’s ass is in big trouble come July. It seems John is on track to wreck the NFL.

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