Instagram Bikini Model of the Day – Hailey Clauson

There’s a solid chance you’re going to be hearing the name Hailey Clauson quite a bit over the next 12-15 months. The 19-year-old model/bikini model is quietly building huge momentum to becoming the next big American model to burst onto the scene with some saying she’s the next Kate Upton.
You’ve seen Hailey working for Beach Bunny, Guess, Gucci and in Jay Z’s “Empire State of Mind” video.
A very active IG user, it’s crazy that Clauson has yet to reach the 30k follower mark. Go look at the photos. There is something very interesting about this chick. I can’t seem to put my finger on it, but I’ve seen a few models come along over the years. She goes from your typical bikini shot for Beach Bunny to an East Village look. She goes from the 19 year old you see walking down the street in your town to international model.
This chick is going to be huge. I’m guessing she gets a 2016 call from Sports Illustrated, if not in 2015.
[Hailey Clauson – Instagram]

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