Indy 500 Pit Girls On Instagram, Rob Ford A UT Fan & The Star Trek Mansion

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There is just a bunch of shit on TV today. NBA. NHL playoffs. College softball. College LAX. College baseball. Car racing. Golf. Don’t feel like going outside to enjoy the weather? You’re all good. You might even want to check ESPN for a UL-Lafayette-Arizona game. Christina Hamilton might be back on the mound today. I didn’t even look.


HLN chick responds to Manziel penis lawsuit

Indy 500 pit girls on Instagram

Rob Ford in Texas Longhorns jacket

The Star Trek Mansion — $35 million!

GIFs: Refs Being Awesome and/or Terrible

Gronk will be guest starring on TV show

When Azinger told Phil to “Putt it, bitch”

Trust Me: Amy Willerton

H.S. Pitcher Line Drive Catch of the Week


Sandwich Porn of the Day

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