Gronk Didn’t Need A Fake ID At 12




That’s meathead Gronk at 12. I’m not kidding.

From Gronk’s Facebook account:

Thursday Throwback action! 12 years old on the beach playing wiffle ball!! #HR

There is no way he needed a fake ID at 12. Zero problems walking into a carryout and walking out with a case of Natty. You know how those giant Little League kids show up to Williamsport each year looking like they’re 30? That’s the only thing I can compare him to.

You might remember this from a Muscle & Fitness piece on the Gronk family.

Diane, home with the kids all day when they weren’t at school, provided wholesome meals consisting of chicken, steak, vegetables, and very little junk food. “She brought a good, healthy meal to the table every night,” Gordy says. Feeding the Gronkowski boys required four refrigerator/freezers — one in the kitchen, three in the garage. Gordy estimates their grocery bill was $500–$600 a week and that the family went through 21⁄2 gallons of milk a day.

Think about this for a second — Gronk grew up with three other meathead brothers and younger brother Glenn. It’s a miracle their parents were able to feed these maniacs. So you want a house full of boys that play football? Get a better job, champ.

Best of Gronk Being Gronk:

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