Titans Cheerleaders Still On Beach, Mike Vick Fan W/Pit Bull & Roll Tide Nuts

So happy Manziel isn't in town


Anybody still think the Thunder will win a game against the Spurs? That was a beautiful 35-point loss last night. Gorgeous. You know who I blame? Tony Romo. He cursed Kevin Durant back in January. He just had to get a photo with KD. Kevin was 6-16 from the field last night and finished with 15 points.

Let this be a lesson to all the superstars out there: DON’T LET TONY ROMO ANYWHERE NEAR YOUR LOCKER ROOM.

From @ESPNStatsInfo

Spurs have outscored the Thunder by 52 points through first 2 games… (largest point differential ever by team thru 2 games in Conf Finals)

Thanks Romo.

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