Warren Moon Seemed To Enjoy Himself At Lingerie Golf Event



Here’s what bikini chick Della Giustina reported this past weekend from some swimming pool in Palm Springs:

Can’t thank these guys enough for all the help, support, and love. Thank you warren moon and Roger Cross. Xoxo @linksandlaces #linksandlaces #llgolftour

Links and laces? Golf tournament? This is like Warren Moon’s dream coming true.

Here’s the deal: Rich athletes, rich dudes who run businesses and rich dudes who sold businesses get together for a golf tournament and Playboy.com-caliber chicks are flown in to keep the guys entertained for a few days. The guys golf at a reasonable hour, come back to the hotel, go to the pool and get slammed.

It seems Della was in charge of putting together this special event that also included Golden Tate. Nothing attracts NFL talent like 10s frolicking in a Palm Springs pool just waiting to become NFL slam pieces. Meanwhile, the NFLers bring a shopping list and pick out which slam piece fits his needs.

It’s really a beautiful thing.


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