California Chrome Erection, Dufners With Durant & Selter’s Ass Does It Again

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How about we start the week with some Triple Crown news.

From @RJinVegas

California Chrome is a favorite to win the Triple Crown (-130 at – rest of Belmont field +100

$100 wins $200 if California Chrome wins the Triple Crown (via ). The last Triple Crown winner was in 1978.

My now-deceased grandfather taught me years ago, never bet against the horse with the biggest erection or the greyhound that drops a dump before a race.

In NBA news, thanks goes out to ABC for having the Heat-Pacers game at 3:30 EST because of the Billboard Music Awards. Shame on you if your Midwestern ass was planted in front of a TV on a beautiful Sunday to watch that game. We waited through a shitty winter for 65 and sunny.