Instagram Bikini Model of the Day: Elicia Perkins

Elicia Perkins, a California native and rising Instagram star, should be on your IG radar. Represented by NEXT Models, this California native showed up on our radar via a Beach Bunny Instagram photo. You know Beach Bunny as where Nina Agdal became a star. You might also remember that Kate Upton does some work here and there for Beach Bunny.
Perkins appears on the verge of big things whether that means getting a spot in the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue or by dating a member of the Dodgers. I’m not sure which one will come first.
The only bad news here is that Elicia recently got engaged to Guy Starkman, the ex-husband of Cindy Margolis. Maybe you’ve heard of her.

Instagram Model Of the Day … Amanda Li Paige
Instagram Model Of the Day … Amanda Li Paige
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