I'm Not Buying This Aaron Rodgers Is Dating Olivia Munn Gossip

US Weekly is about as reliable as Tony Romo with a lead late in the fourth quarter so I’m not really buying into this “exclusive” they posted today about Aaron Rodgers dating Olivia Munn. I can see why US would throw something like this out into the gossip world. US is terrible at the internet game so they come up with more Aaron Rodgers gossip.

Multiple sources confirm to Us Weekly that Munn and Rodgers are dating; The pair were spotted dining with a group of pals at Nobu Malibu on Saturday, May 10, where they behaved like quite the couple.

This is the same US Weekly that said a couple months ago that Rodgers was dating Jessica Szohr. We’ve also had the gossip hounds trying to connect Rodgers and Taylor Swift a couple weeks before he was supposedly dating Szohr.
Here’s my problem with these reports – no photos.
You mean there are 500 million iPhones in the U.S. and nobody snapped a photo of Rodgers with Munn? Hell, we have people sending us photos of Kate Upton and Verlander shopping at a Kroger. 
So US Weekly needs to come up with something fast or this is just another bullshit report from them.
Not that I’d blame Rodgers for dating this.

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