It's Really, Really Good To Be Gronk At Mohegan Sun

I count 15 chicks, one random dude and the Patriots legendary tight end. It was really, really good to be Gronk this weekend at Mohegan Sun.
Autograph line?
It sounds like Gronk was hired to be the candy at some Mohegan club.
From Packers fan @missmolls715:

I got VIP, twerked, & did shots w/ Rob Gronkowski last night at Mohegan. I don’t even like the patriots but it was the best night of my life

Sounds like a solid night.
Just one night. Imagine just one night you’re Gronk at some Mohegan club. You get to party your ass off, do shots with chicks, act like a fool and pick 10 chicks to go back to your suite. What must that be like? Do you ever just sit in a quiet room and visualize that life? I do. Quite a bit. I wonder if I would settle for two 8s that were twins or if I’d take a 9 and 8.5 just because of the better grade.
Imagine the bullshit conversations you have to hold with these chicks. Imagine these chicks talking in Instagram speak while you try to ignore them. Imagine these meatheads doing whatever it takes to get in your pants.
That’s partly why Gronk is so damn great. He’s able to handle it all and not get his ass in trouble with competing jersey chasers leaking sexts to the Internet. How? I have no idea. The guy should teach a college class.


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