Cowboys Cheerleaders Go Snorkeling, J. Cleveland Jersey & B1G Whip

You know what I didn’t watch over the last 60 hours or so? The NBA. My ass bitched and complained all winter about winter and it was 80 and sunny on Sunday. You think I’m going to sit inside and watch Thunder-Clippers? I guess everyone went nuts over Ibaka punching Blake Griffin in the junk.
We’ll probably just let the NSFW Black Dudes analyze the situation and call it a day.
From @ESPNStatsInfo

Paul George is 1st player in NBA playoff history to hit the 39-pt, 12-rebound, 7 3-pointers combo (via )

I’ll have to mark that down. And he did it against the Wizards so you should really, really be impressed. Here come the Pacers. Back in it. Title contenders. Pacers-Heat Eastern Conference Finals. Hibbert vs. Oden. George vs. King. Vogel vs. Erik. ESPN salivating.

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