Grown Browns Fan Gets Emotional Over Manziel Pick







Just think of the misery this guy has lived through in his life. All the quarterbacks. LeBron stuck a knife in his heart. The factory of sadness. The dark winter nights wondering what it would be like to win a playoff game. The jerseys with names that he thought would be the savior. The drunken tailgates to drown out his sorrow.

All the wasted draft picks.

The move to Baltimore.

The loss of football in Cleveland.

The Indians.

The Cavs losing in the NBA Finals.

It all boiled over last night for Eric Metcalf. He just couldn’t handle it as a new savior was announced by Goodell. Each city needs a hero and this grown man has just invested his life in a 21-year-old quarterback who is the first under-six foot quarterback to be taken in the first round of the draft since 1953.

The odds are against Manziel like they are against Cleveland.

Just this one night Metcalf wants to believe this is the guy just like the 20 quarterbacks before him. But this one is different. He’s special. He’s able to escape. He plays with heart. He plays with the grit that Clevelanders appreciate. He wants to win more than anything else in life. He’ll do whatever it takes to win.

Deep down Metcalf appreciates that. Metcalf goes to a job he hates and works his ass off so he can pound beers and chase ladies on the weekend. He wants Manziel’s life. He wants to walk in his shoes.

More than anything, Metcalf is just so goddamn happy that Mr. Football is his quarterback. Let the tears flow, Metcalf.

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