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Ravens Cheerleaders Wrap Jamaican Bikini Calendar Shoot



I received word this afternoon that the Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders have wrapped up their bikini calendar shoot at Jewel Paradise Cove Beach Resort & Spa in Runaway Bay, Jamaica, and I was asked if BC would like to run behind-the-scenes photos.

On draft day?

Of course.

You have grown men out here who will click the shit out of a post that has any reference to a football team. Doesn’t even matter if they’re not a Ravens fan, that’s how jacked up these guys are. Steelers fans don’t even have cheerleaders to worry about so they’ll click. Browns fans hate the Ravens, but they’re so on edge right now that they’ll look at the enemy’s cheerleaders.

We originally asked the cheerleader representative to send us down to report on the shoot. They turned us down. It was worth a shot.

I probably would’ve sent Thomas the Intern. His loss.

Photos by Baltimore-based photographer Jill Fanon. More photos here.

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