Eagles Cheerleader Bikini Show, Kaep 911 Call & Adriana Lima In Jeans

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I’ll probably catch some day baseball while looking for new NFL draft girlfriends. That Dodgers-Nats game at 1 EST seems like a good way to waste time before that huge Penguins-Rangers game later tonight. This is the third game in four days for these teams. You just won’t see that out of the NBA. How do these NHL guys do it?


2014 Eagles cheerleader bikini show

The Colin Kaepernick 911 Call

Buy Doug Flutie’s house – $1.7 million

Tigers fan loses pants going for foul

OK drug bust Mugshot of the Week

Florida or Ohio: Guy wants to marry his porn-filled computer

Adriana Lima’s ass in THESE jeans

Trust Me: Madison Murray

Indoor Football Interception of the Month


Sandwich Porn of the Day

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