Ric Flair’s Wrestling Daughter, Young Mel Kiper & Buffalo Bills Pizza

morning twitpics


Sorry for the late screencaps. I kinda went on a rant over on Twitter this morning.

See, this is what pisses me off. Peter King comes out and says that he can’t find anyone who “loves” Blake Bortles. That means that Peter got on his phone, called all NFL GMs and started asking. You think, at this point, anyone is seriously going to tell Pete whether they are in love with a player?

No way.

And it gets better. Charley Casserly is now saying that Johnny Manziel won’t be drafted in the first round. Seriously, the entire first round. Does that even remotely make sense? Not at all. You think someone sitting with an early 2nd round pick wouldn’t trade up into the 29th spot to grab Manziel? Of course they would.

Charley is just trolling for viewers. He’s completely full of shit.

At this point, the NFL draft experts are trying to out bullshit each other.