Mel Kiper & Todd McShay Draft Prediction Disasters



Tired of Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay? I keep asking you that because ESPN’s draft “experts” are about to go on a 120-hour draft evaluation binge that will destroy your remaining draft brain cells. Seriously, ESPN won’t pull it’s draft forearm off your neck until next Wednesday when they start to look forward to the 2015 draft.

Seriously, you know that Todd McShay is famous for releasing mock drafts just days after the current draft, right? He does. Why? Because you idiots eat it up.

Imagine spending countless hours “watching film” and talking on TV, radio and writing mock drafts for It will make you rich and send you into spells of insanity where you predict crazy things because (A.) You’re working for an agent who is trying to push a player, or (B.) You’re just wrong and missed on a player.

Kiper, 53, and McShay, 37, have a vast history of misses. There are hits, too, but you guys don’t want to know about the hits. The misses are much more fun to laugh at.

Do you remember a Mel Kiper or McShay draft prediction gone wrong? Let me know.

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Two of the defensive players drafted in that class, Nick Collins & Brady Poppinga, have Super Bowl rings.