Manziel’s Chick Throws Football, Bruins Fan Eating Hot Dog & Weir’s Hat

morning twitpics

If you’ve been waiting to see the chick Johnny Manziel took to the Rangers game throwing a football, today is your lucky day. Look below. Kyndal has a rifle.

Yes, I was awake for the Kentucky Derby. I didn’t hammer too many juleps. Congrats to that old hilljack owner who won. Just think of investing $8,000 for a horse, a bunch more money to train and house that horse and then you win the Derby. That’s a special day for any hilljack.

I would also like to say it’s about time to ban all the idiot celebrities from attending the Derby. Star Jones should never be allowed on another red carpet.

From @EliasSports

. pitchers are 0-for-48 at the plateā€”the longest such streak to begin a season since 1900.