Amanda Dufner At Derby Party, Griffey Jr. At Oaks & Tajh Boyd’s Ride





Ahh, Game 7 day in the NBA. That’s right, the first round of the playoffs are about to end. Seriously. The Hawks-Pacers series started on April 19. Not kidding, I looked it up.

I will say I’m pissed off at myself for falling asleep last night before the end of the Rockets-Trail Blazers game. I made it until 1 a.m. EST and woke up to SportsCenter at 4 a.m. showing me that last-second trey. Could this be the start of a Portland run in the West? It really looks like it. The Blazers might be a year away from the Finals, but they’re coming.

I’m starting to see photos from last night’s Derby Barnstable party. Don’t believe the hype about these parties. They’re completely boring. You just stand around and try to spot famous people. If you’re married, and faithful, these experiences are painful. You start to see dudes chasing tail and realize you’ll go home on Sunday and change shitty diapers.

And don’t think for a second you’re going to get laid via a Barnstable party. The best play is to get drunk at the party, go back to the hotel bar and start scouting. I once saw Lynn Swann in an Indy hotel bar (he was in town for the Super Bowl, maybe you’ve heard of it) holding court with four young white chicks. That’s the play.

Posted by @EliasSports before last night’s game:

.‘ streak of 24 games without a multi-hit game from the cleanup spot is a team record.

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