Manziel’s Chick In Underwear, Slim Lenny Dykstra & Rob Ford At Royals Game

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And here come the Pacers. They won last night in Atlanta to force a Game 7 in Indy. Imagine how the guy who bet $2k on the Hawks to win the series is feeling. He had it. He just needed a decent 2nd Q. from the Hawks and he would’ve collected that $10k. And then the Hawks went out and scored 17 2nd Q. points and gave up 31 in the 4th.

Remember David Wright?

From @EliasSports:

David Wright has gone 102 at-bats without a home run, the longest HR drought of his career.

Dave has 1 HR this season. The Mets are paying him $20,000,000 this year and then $107,000,000 over the next six years. And that’s guaranteed money. Seems like a good investment.

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