Minnesota Wild Body Paint, Wild Golden Retrievers & Jesus At Spurs Game

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How crazy are Minnesota Wild fans going to be now that they are playing the Blackhawks in the Western Conference semis? Like Bama fan crazy. Look above. Look below. Body paint. SEC-quality chicks. I’m starting to like the Wild more by the day. You make these people sit through a nine shitty months of winter and they’re going to go nuts in May with playoff hockey. Love it.

Can someone tell me why it takes the NBA two weeks to play a series? Seriously, we’re only to Game 6 of the Mavs-Spurs. It feels like these two have been playing for a month. Stop being pussies and play a back-to-back.

From @PR_NHL

Per : (The Wild’s) Nino Niederreiter, 21, is 2nd-youngest player in Playoffs history to score in OT of Game 7 (C. Lemieux, 20).