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Here Are The Donald Sterling ‘Banned’ Custom Socks [UPDATE]



If Donald Sterling is going to make a billion dollars off the sale of the Clippers, entrepreneurs are going to make some money off racist Don before the old coot fades away to obscurity.

Take custom sock company Rock ‘Em Apparel.

They came up with the idea to sell Don Sterling “Banned” socks. Why? Why not?

While the “Banned” socks haven’t officially hit the Rock ‘Em web site, we assume the boys are taking orders on these. It looks like most of their socks range from $20-24.99.

Update: Rock ‘Em tells us the ARE NOT selling these Donald Sterling socks. “Just for fun,” they told us on Twitter. That’s too bad because I can’t think of more justice than this asshole being used to make money.

[via @RockEmApparel]




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