ARod Working Out By Himself At The Texas A&M Rec Center




A couple weeks ago we posted word that ARod might be making an appearance on the Texas A&M campus to work with one strength coaches. That’s exactly what happened on Thursday.

Sophomore @cdavid_13 spotted ARod having a moment in the gym:

Alex rodriguez sighting at the texas a&m rec center in college station, TX

Rec center.

Just ARod about to throw around some iron on the Texas A&M campus. No biggie. Happens every day.

A guy who has made $356,285,104 during his MLB career hanging out with college students and 45-pound plates. What am I missing here? Is he lonely? Does he need to be shown love by 21-year-old bros who were in diapers when he broke into the league? Of course it’s no secret that this dude is strange. We’re talking about a guy who has spent most of his spring hanging out at Stanford for no apparent reason.

Just getting in some after-dinner reps.

We’re still waiting for the rec center to confirm if ARod paid the $10 guest pass fee.

Picture 1


Picture 2


Picture 3


No word on who this chick is catching a meal at A&M with the legend.

Picture 4


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