NYC Stripper Wears Pine Tar To Support Michael Pineda

Where should Michael Pineda spend his 10 days off from the Yankees after being caught with pine tar on his neck? At Vivid Cabaret or Rick’s Cabaret where at least one stripper, Justine, seems to be ready to show the rightie where he should start hiding his tar. You know a story is big in NYC when the stripper community gets vocal about civic causes.
The official Vivid Cabaret press release was waiting in my inbox when I woke up this morning:

Vivid Cabaret NYC Girl Justine considers herself NY Yankee pitcher Michael Pineda’s biggest fan. Pineda was caught with a dab of pine tar on his neck and was suspended for ten games. “I’m wearing a little pine tar on my neck in a show of support for him,” purred the busty beauty.
“I’m not saying what he did was right,” she explains, “but there is so much pressure being a starting pitcher for the Yankees. He wants to be a winner and will do whatever it takes. I respect that. I’m the same way–there are over 100 really beautiful girls stripping at Vivid Cabaret NYC, so there is real competition here, too. I’ve got to be on the top my game.”

She had a proposal for the Yankee hurler. “During your suspension you should come visit me here at the club and I will console you, cheer you up, and give you lap dances that you will never forget. I will be wearing a dab of pine tar on my neck in your honor–look for me!”

She added, “Go Yankees!”

You have to love Justine’s competitive spirit. Don’t think for a second there isn’t some stripper from Indianapolis who wouldn’t die to get the call-up from the minors to the big leagues at Vivid Cabaret. Of course “Jasmine” wants that call. She’ll do whatever it takes. In the same breath, Justine has to use all the tricks of the trade to keep her Big Apple gig.
She can obviously relate to Pineda. You need some grip, you put pine tar on your neck. You need to keep “Jasmine” away from your clients, maybe you lose a couple pounds and get new stripper heels.
Vivid Cabaret NYC is the hot new three story club in midtown Manhattan famous for having the city’s tallest stripper pole (27 feet tall), and the first of its kind “VIP Ultra Lounge.” It’s already a favorite spot for pro athletes from all the major sports who like to “make it rain” on the club’s gorgeous dancers. It is the sister club of Rick’s Cabaret NYC, located just four block away.
The world isn’t a nice place. We play to win the games.

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