How Did Bill Belichick’s Girlfriend Slide Into THIS?


You see that giant copyright on this photo? Of course Linda Holliday, also known as Bill Belichick’s girlfriend, knew this shit would start flying around the Internet. It seems like the First Couple of the NFL went to the (Brian) Kelly Cares Foundation party Wednesday night because Bill isn’t as big of an asshole as you think.

I’ve been asked multiple times how old Linda is. She turned 50 in 2013; Bill is 62.

You know Bill didn’t even waste time trying to get that dress off Linda after the party. Hiked that shit straight up.

The best part about this relationship is that Bill never got crazy and got married “because he had to” bullshit. Linda doesn’t seem to mind. Her ass is traveling around the world just fine without getting a giant ring from Hoodie. She was just in Greece with her daughters.

If it’s working, why ruin it with marriage?


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